Pricing for SCWA Wood Duck Projects

Funding for the South Carolina Waterfowl Association Wood Duck Production Project is subsidized through local SCWA fundraising chapters. Landowners who wish to have nest boxes installed on their property must also support the project by making a contribution to the South Carolina Waterfowl Association.

Each year SCWA funds the operation of wildlife biologist field crews who install and maintain wood duck nesting boxes across South Carolina. Due to the cost of funding a two person field crew, there is a ten nest box minimum required for any nest box installation or maintenance project conducted by SCWA field crews. Wood Duck nest boxes can be purchased from SCWA and picked up at our Wildlife Education Center. The fees for nest boxes and field crew services are as follows:

Wood Duck Nest Boxes and Components

  1. Cypress Wood Duck Nest Box – $50.00
  2. Galvanized Predator Guard – $25.00
  3. Ten Foot Treated 4 x 4 Post – $10.00
  4. Wood Duck Nest Box Unit (post, guard, box) $80.00

SCWA Field Crew Services 

  1. Wood Duck Nest Box Unit Installation $125.00/unit (Ten nest box unit minimum)
  2. Wood Duck Nest Box Maintenance – $25.00/nest box (Ten nest box unit minimum)

​If you would like to purchase wood duck nest boxes or schedule a maintenance or installation project call the SCWA office at 803-452-6001.