National Dog Day at SCWA

Friday is #nationaldogday and social media users will likely post thousands of photos of their canine companions.

SCWA loves dogs. In an organization that promotes wildlife education, loving animals, dogs definitely included, is an unofficial requirement. Even our communications director, who is mildly allergic to dogs, loves to play and spend time with any dog that visits SCWA. If you visit SCWA, you’re sure to make some canine friends because many employees bring their dogs to work with them. 

We’re lucky enough to see (or have) some of the best trained dogs around. Seeing a dog wait patiently and excitedly for minutes before retrieving something after jumping off a dock never gets old.

Alan and Shannon Wooten of Palmetto Gun Dogs visit each week during Camp Woodie to give a gun dog training demonstration and provide training advice. It’s one of the highlights of the week for campers.

But enough writing. We know you clicked on this post to see pictures of dogs so here are some of the canine friends of SCWA!

We know we missed many canine friends of SCWA so if you have a canine friend we should know about, tell us in the comments.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We hope you enjoyed #nationaldogday. To see more pictures of canine companions, follow our Wildlife & Animal Companions Pinterest Board.

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