The Gary Dietrich Wildlife Management Apprentice Program: Mason Briggs

The Gary Dietrich Wildlife Management Apprentice Program is a 2-year program with a goal of improving habitat management throughout the Southeast. Candidates who have completed a 2-year or 4-year degree can come to learn hands-on wildlife, fisheries, and natural resource management skills. Through the implementation of a quality curriculum, expert instructors, and a host of industry and landowner partners, we are equipping apprentices with the training and on-the-job experience needed to provide quality wildlife management on public and private lands. We are working to grow this program to 10-12 annual graduates. SCWA also assists in placing each graduate in a quality wildlife conservation job. Most recently, Mason Briggs has graduated and taken a position at Orton Plantation in North Carolina.

“Before coming to the South Carolina Waterfowl Association, I studied Biology at the Virginia Military Institute and worked on a small hay farm in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I really wanted to find a way to merge my passion for the outdoors, use my degree, and learn how to manage habitat. The Gary Dietrich Apprenticeship Program was a great way to accomplish all my goals. I learned many skills while at SCWA and was allowed to guide many hunts which was a great experience. The Apprenticeship Program also allowed me to work with many private landowners and see how a variety of plantations operated. I am thankful to SCWA for giving me the educational opportunities as I recently took a position at Orton Plantation in Winnabow, North Carolina.” (Mason Briggs) 

We wish Mason many years of success with his new position. 

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