Pintail Partners 2023

PINEWOOD, S.C. (February 1st, 2023) – The South Carolina Waterfowl Association (SCWA) will help host Pintail Partners along with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR), Delta Waterfowl, Ducks Unlimited, and the Harry Hampton Foundation to provide the next generation with a duck hunt on one of several private properties. The goal is to get young hunters involved in waterfowl and wetland conservation.

South Carolina Pintail Partners provides additional lottery-based, youth hunting opportunities to eligible individuals and/or parties who were not selected for the SCDNR youth waterfowl lottery hunt. SCDNR provides a list of individuals that were not selected and parties to Pintail Partners after the SCDNR lottery draw has occurred. If selected, the youth duck hunt will be held on February 4th, 2023, on a private duck impoundment in the Rimini/Pinewood, SC area. This hunt will include lunch, a safety talk, and waterfowl-themed activities hosted at SCWA’s Wildlife Education Center prior to the hunt. The following land owners have graciously volunteered to host these youth hunters: Two Ponds Duck Club, Beach Company, Featherhorn Farms, Charlie Rountree, as well as Rozier, and Boyd Blanchard.

SCWA’s Heritage Events Director, Drake Tindal, explains “This is a great opportunity to help educate the next generation in a fun and safe environment, all while giving back to the community. Seeing the smiling faces of children that are given this opportunity makes it all worthwhile.”

“We recognize the lack of access to quality waterfowl habitat and hunting experiences are a huge barrier of entry to young people attempting to enter the sport. SCDNR maximizes opportunities on their state-owned properties, but demand always outpaces their capacity. Pintail Partners is the conduit that allows youth access to a quality hunting experience they otherwise would not have. Our hope is some of these kids will fall in love with the sport and become passionate waterfowlers and conservationists.” (Lou Tocci, Board President of SCWA)

The South Carolina Waterfowl Association looks forward to continuing its hunting partnership with Pintail Partners. Pintail Partners would not be possible without the amazing organizations, landowners, staff members, guides, waterfowl hunting supporters, as well as parents and youth, who come together to make it happen. 

The South Carolina Waterfowl Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to enhance and perpetuate South Carolina’s wildlife heritage through education and habitat conservation.


Media Contact:

Maria Hackney

Communications Director

(803) 825-8078

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